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I’m Nicole!

I’ve always had a passion for cooking and eating. When I was a kid, we rarely had junk food in the house. So when I’d come home starving after elementary school, I’d figure out ways to finagle the random ingredients in our pantry into tasty snacks (whole wheat bread+tomato paste+parmesan cheese=delicious pizzas). I first baked a chicken in seventh grade (though, to be honest, it was a bloody disaster). By high school, I was frying pork chops, simmering huge pots of red beans and black beans, and making eggplant parmesan.

My grandparents nurtured in me a love for family meals around the table. I can still hear my grandpa across from me at the dinner table, telling me in his gravelly, New Orleans-accented voice, “Food is a gift from God.” He taught me how to make paneed meat while my granny showed me how to make stuffed mirlitons. Food was sacred, and mealtimes were precious.

Nowadays, I’m married with three small children. Food is still sacred, and mealtimes are still precious. We sit around the table. We don’t have a dishwasher at our current home, but I’ve never bought paper plates. We use real plates and cloth napkins. Dinner is special, and it’s worthy of a little extra cleanup. But special doesn’t have to mean fancy! We eat a lot of simple fare.

Mostly, I want people to realize that not only is it healthier to cook at home, it’s also cheaper and yummier. My average weekly grocery bill is $100 for my family of five. We’re not on food stamps or WIC. We’re not starving. We rarely eat ramen noodles and we never eat hamburger helper. It’s not that we’re eating cheap, per se. That’s just the amount of money it costs to feed two adults and three children if you know how and what to buy. Astonished friends and family members want to know how I spend that much. This blog is my explanation, loved ones. These are the nourishing recipes I feed my family. Most of these recipes get cooked weekly, if not daily.

So check it out, get inspired, and be blessed. ❤



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